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* September 26: Flood Congress with emails calling for Impeachment. ImpeachBush/ is setting up an easy to use mechanism so that hundreds of thousands of emails can be sent by people all over the country on Monday September 26 demanding that their elected official introduce Articles of Impeachment for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and other high officials.

* Take out full page newspaper ads. We have placed full page newspaper ads in theNew York Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle and in newspapers in other parts of the country. We are soliciting funds now so that the next round of newspaper ads can follow directly after the September 24 mass demonstrations and the September 26 National Lobbying Day.[CAN CLOCKWORK MAKE A PLEA RIGHT HERE THAT YOU BUY THOSE ADS IN OC WEEKLY; WE WANNA BUY A PONY.]

They continue...

The number of new people joining the impeachment movement is increasing each day. But this a huge effort that requires significant funding. Many people have contributed but we must do more.

We need funds now to help promote and transport people who want peace to Washington on September 24, for the next round of newspaper ads, and for the acceleration and continuation of the impeachment drive into the Congressional elections next year. Please take a moment to make a much needed donation, by clicking here.

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We'd like to think it was our stinging prose about our experiences in trying to buy a hybrid car from the local Toyota dealer. Then again, we at Clockwork are quite full of ourselves. But whatever it was that spurred it, the president of Toyota ordered his minions to cut the price of hybrids so they are more in line with their all-gas counterparts.

Katsuaki Watanabe--love his jazz guitar--in a briefing for Wall Street investment analysts and members of the business media, also said Toyota will sell 1 million hybrid vehicles a year worldwide by early next decade, up from a planned 300,000 this year, about 60 percent in the USA. And he said Toyota is developing fuel-efficient diesel-power vehicles for the U.S. market but "not in the short term."

Anyone else thinking we may be revisiting the time when Japanese automakers first took over the American market with their fleets of fuel-efficient cars while American automakers got stuck with lots full of gas guzzlers?

According to the USA Today report, Toyota's intentions are significant because it is big enough and respected enough in the USA that rivals often must match what Toyota does. Honda Motor, which is the No. 2 hybrid seller in the USA, said it will remain price-competitive with Toyota.

American automakers said, "What's a hybrid?"


Just kidding!
Through super-secret sources, Clockwork managed to snag this never-before-seen photo of the electrical-company worker at the moment he caused LA County's major blackout on Sept. 12. We understand the worker's given name is Stephen Stucker, though everyone calls him Johnny. In the middle of the Monday afternoon's madness, as frustrated power officials demanded Johnny do something because the effected area "was getting bigger," Johnny replied, "And Leon's getting larrrrrrrger."

Posted Sept. 12, 4:55 p.m.

Local surfers used knowledge they gained in January helping Indonesian tsunami victims to use aiding folks trapped in their Louisiana homes because of Hurricane Katrina.

Surfer magazine publisher Bill Sharp, his senior editor Matt George, Mavericks Surf Rescue's Frank Quirarte and water safety expert Shawn Alladio brought their experience--gleaned through their participation in Surf Zone Relief Operation to the Gulf Coast, along with eight personal watercraft donated by Yamaha Corp. All tolled, the group spent three days rescuing more than 50 Louisianans still trapped in their homes.

"The water was unspeakable. Just unspeakable," Sharp said in an interview posted on Surfer's site. "There was just a sheen of chemicals on top and sewage, decomposing everything."

The work that lies ahead is daunting, according to Sharp.

"All these neighborhoods that are flooded -- you can't just drain it out and rebuild those houses. They're history. They've been soaking in hazardous materials for days. It's done. It's going to take a long time if ever to make those areas livable."

Meanwhile, maybe that Vans Warped Tour event referenced below for Katrina victims is a washout. (Scoll down to "Vans Can Dance.") According to MTV News, organizers today killed Unite the United, a Warped Tour/ Taste of Chaos-style concert to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina, due to "complications in scheduling." The show--which was to feature such acts as the Used, Hoobastank and Pennywise--was scheduled to take place on Oct. 8 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine. Now organizers are pledging 50 cents from every ticket purchased for the 2006 Warped and Taste of Chaos tours will be donated to Katrina charities.

According to our good pals over at the Orange County Business Journal, Aliso Viejo-based plans to cut the prices of its in-stock books by 10 percent below what charges, as a direct competitive move against the web's biggest retailer. Sounds like it's time for Clockwork to go Christmas shopping . . .

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