Stop the War

I want to get off

Volunteer to help win the midterm elections. Non-presidential elections don't get much of a turnout. Tom DeLay's PACs have gerrymandered so many states that it's almost impossible to beat the Republicans. They've got the big money and have the bully in the White House bully pulpit. They manufacture the voting machines! Regardless of all that, it's imperative that Democrats win some seats in Congress, so that ethical Republicans won't feel it's such a lost cause to join with Democrats in doing the right thing, which might just include . . .

Impeachment, prosecutions and firings. Yes, it rises to that. Bush lied to the American people. He lied to Congress. His top advisers compromised national security to cover up those lies. Bill Clinton was impeached for telling lies in which the only casualties were the spermatozoa slain by digestive acids. Bush's lies have led to tens of thousands of deaths, and many of the American deaths were the result of an arrogant war plan that ignored what Pentagon and State Department experts told the administration about the realities of Iraq. Just this month, yet another prewar memo surfaced in which the administration was warned that the lack of planning for the war's aftermath would lead to increased risk for our troops there. What, me worry?

Or how about trying Donald Rumsfeld for criminal negligence? Remember when the soldier in Iraq asked Rumsfeld why he and his fellow troops were fighting in vehicles that probably had less armor than the Bush daughters' stateside SUV? Rumsfeld replied, "You have to go to war with the army you have, not the army you want."

Which is true enough—when there's an immediate threat requiring war. But not even the war's most ardent supporters will argue that Iraq posed an imminent threat, while most experts and world leaders questioned whether there was any threat at all; time has proved there wasn't. Iraq was under embargo, and UN inspection patrolled the country freely. Any conceivable threat was contained. This was a purely elective war, which, if needed at all, could have been launched six months or even years later, when our troops were properly equipped and prepared. It was absolutely irresponsible for the secretary of defense to have put them in harm's way without cause. But he did, and he should be held accountable.

But this is all just wishful thinking unless a great many things change first, and the only thing we can ever change is the present. You can sit and stew, or you can take the lid off and boil for a while. It's time, you know.

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