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Nightlife and More:
Aug. 25 - Sept. 1

2MEX presented by Cypress Hill's PsychoRealm, who are much hated by the clerks at Amoeba for drawing in annoying fans—then again, aren't all fans annoying? Sit in your office with the blinds drawn—be cool like me! But 2MEX is a good dude, don't worry. With Quinto Sol at HOB.

The Rebirth do super-smooth super-sweet '70s soul, with elements from Earth, Wind & Fire but with a Philly gloss, like MFSB without the high-powered horns—whoever produced this must have had a sure and steady hand because the laid-back low parts unfold into some tricky breaks without the merest crease: that confidence in their musicianship becomes your confidence in impressing girls who happen to hear this in your car (or guys who happen to hear this in your DJ set, grammar grandmas of Costa Mesa), which is the same reason you shouldn't ever let anyone you want to hook up with hear you listening to Louis XIV, who as of press time, were still famous enough for that joke to stand. The classiest night at the Blue Cafe since Ike Turner strapped a Stratocaster over his silver-spangled space suit.

ALSO: Cocky rebels in crazy outfits that rock & roll by their own rules? You think it's the New York Dolls, but you're only a few Marshall stacks away from Slipknot. Pile on the concealer at the HOB.

Destiny's Child (at the Pond) faces off with Devo (at the HOB), and Donna Summers wills herself toward survival at the Grove. What was, what is, what shall be: you hash out who's who. But oh, wow, Destiny's Child: knew a guy once who wore a homemade T-shirt of Beyonce's ass to one of their shows. Don't know if he ever made it past parking lot security. He was a superfan, though—drew the ass himself from pictures off the Internet.

ALSO: Clap clap for Tsk Tsk at Alex's; pop pills for the Bastille mod club at Detroit; echo plex for Year Future at Chain Reaction, opening for the Locust.

PLUS: A shocked public interrupts to remind us: "Destiny's Child! This is the last tour!" Why? (long sigh) "Google-news it."

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