Less Christ, More Right

Rick Warren unveils his strategy to fight AIDS: the gospel of the GOP

That would be a powerful claim—if it were true.

Green, a member of Bush's Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS, does indeed advocate abstinence and single-partner relationships as effective in combating AIDS. But he doesn't blow off condoms. "It is reasonably well-established that consistent condom use protects against HIV transmission," he wrote in his 2002 paper, "The Impact of Religious Organizations in Promoting HIV/AIDS Prevention." He flatly concludes that "condom use should be promoted."

So the science says condoms are good. Perhaps, then, it's Warren's pretense—that he's a man without a partisan impulse—that is a Trojan horse. Of a different color. And it's ribbed.


A portion of this article originally appeared in "A Clockwork Orange."

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