We All Lose Things

The Right has lost its moral compass, for example

I've seen some terrible quotes this week, and a lot of them are from persnickety Dems such as Marc Cooper and Mickey Kausand the DLC, for whom nothing's ever good enough, distancing themselves from this one-woman force. (Since it's off-topic, I'll save the quote from televangelist Pat Robertson, saying we should assassinate Hugo Chavez to keep Venezuela's oil supplies at the ready, for another column; I also won't make fun of anything written in The Orange County Register's spanking-new weekly, SqueezeOC, since my boss says it would just be cruel.) They don't like the people flocking to her; they don't like the apocryphal statements she never made; hell, the DLC—the Democratic Leadership Council!—doesn't like that, like more than half of America now, the woman is against the war.

We all lose things. [Cruel SqueezeOCjoke omitted here.] What are we going to find in their place?

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