Diary of a Mad County

Sunday, Aug. 21
Strangest sunburn ever.

Monday, Aug. 22
The Orange County Transportation Authority narrows its "solutions" to congestion on the Riverside (91) Freeway. Next week, they're going to cure cancer and heartache. Anyway, with a unanimous vote, the OCTA approves of going forward with, among other things, an elevated highway that would run in the 91 median from the Eastern (241) Toll Road to the Corona (1-15) Freeway, or as it has come to be known, the Trail of Tears. The OCTA and Riverside County Transportation Commission are scheduled to vote on final strategies in December. An optimistic Paul Taylor, OCTA executive director of planning and development, said, "We're in the homestretch." Which means that someday, God willing, perhaps, our children's children's children's children may actually witness the sight of project workers along the 91 standing around and doing nothing.

Tuesday, Aug. 22
Pat Robertson, fuck yeah!

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