First, thanks to OC Blog for giving Clockwork a shout out. (Blog out?) And because one good compliment (Blogliment? Sorry, I'm new to this stuff) deserves another, you've gotta check out a couple items they've posted recently on Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby: the North County supe details how OC, with its solid Republican congressional delegation (well, solid if you don't count the one who's sans penis) still managed to get screwed in that pork-dripping federal transportation bill just passed. Norby also apparently rips into our ineffective congressmen. (Hey, they're good for something: Chrissie Cox just got a promotion out of it!) That's preceded by a second item jumping off Norby's supervisorial district newsletter, where he goes after the county for funding promotion of private businesses (through grants to chambers of commerce, biz councils, visitor bureaus, corporate meth labs, League of Cities whore houses, etc.). If Norby keeps this up, the Weekly may actually have to pay attention to the Bored of Stupes again. Say, have they elected any Catholic priests lately?

Posted Aug. 9
The Aug. 22 issue of Fortune magazine will include Angels owner Arte Moreno on some gimmick it's dubbed "The Diversity List: From business and academia to Hollywood and the Beltway, meet the people with the most clout." The best Angel owner since the Cowboy finds himself in heady company, as the list also includes Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell and Barack Obama. If you're wondering why one of my examples wasn't a fellow Latino, that's because Moreno is one of few on the list. And it's something of a backhanded compliment that he's even mentioned at all, given that he brings up the rear on a subsection titled "In the Hot Seat." Here's Fortune's take:

ARTURO MORENO 59, CEO, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: After he changed the name from Anaheim Angels, the billboard billionaire got hit with a lawsuit by the city of Anaheim. Moreno reckons the name will help market the team. Certainly he has energized a once sleepy franchise.

Hold off the A's in the West, and all is forgiven, boss!

You can read more about this . . .

Washington - In a fresh example of his failure to gauge the national mood, Vice President Dick Cheney discussed a recent bowel movement for nearly three minutes during Meet the Press on July 4, 2004. A stunned Tim Russert stared - his mouth agape - as the story unfolded.

. . . right here.

Huh? What's that? Is it true? Would we shit you?

The Adolescents' flack sent us word that the pioneering OC punk band, which is pimping its first CD of new material since 1988, OC Confidential, was heard today on NPR's Fresh Air. Don't know what's stranger: a punk band on NPR or a punk band with a flack. By the way, upon my first listen to OC Confidential, I thought someone had mistakenly pressed a Fu Manchu album, not that there's anything wrong with that. You can see 'em live (that'd be the Adolescents, not Fu Manchu) Aug. 20 at the Mouse of Blues in Anaheim.

In other old-school-punk news, the above referenced, ever-helpful flack, Josh Mills of It's Alive Media, P.S.'d that the Dead Kennedys will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables by reissuing the seminal punk record in CD format on Oct. 25. Included will be new liner notes, new photos and a bonus DVD of old-school performances and new interviews. No word on whether Jello's down with this but, given the Clockwork item you'll find if you scroll down a tad to the title "Funny Money," the time is ripe for him to record an updated "California Uber Alles," with the suede-leather secret police replaced by muscleheads in Speedos who will be coming for your unfit nephew, not your uncool niece. Okay, I'll stop now . . .

"You can have only so much faith in people who have all the money and time and still don't do the job. That big plume of flame coming out of it, those are thousand dollar bills being burned."--Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach), suggesting NASA's space shuttle should be grounded so those resources could be used to explore the moon and Mars, and simultaneously proving our theory that Dana Rohrabacher is not always another right-wing nutbar. Mostly, but not always.

For a candidate who vowed he would need no campaign contributions and therefore could not be bought off by special interests, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sure has received a lot of special-interest money from dubious sources. The latest, as reported by the Toledo Blade (!?)--and I thought California news agencies created/resurrected/beefed up their Sacramento bureaus once the Hollywood action figure seized the governor's office--is an Ohio crook who used a stolen credit card to give Arnie $10,000. Okay, Fading Last Action Hero defenders, $10,000 is peanuts, especially here in the mortgaged-up-our-ass Golden State. But add it to some Indian casino money here and some fitness magazine money there and some "I will not take corporate money" corporate money here and now you're talking real money, even for someone blessed with the boffo-box-office/Kennedy-family-fortune/Mr. Universe trifecta. And, of course, as has been written elsewhere, and surprisingly often given our softball mainstream media culture, "I'm Not Beholden to Special Interests" Schwarzenegger has raised more special-interest money than any previous governor. Which may actually hold the out for Da' Gov. After all, with him not soliciting special-interest money, combined with all that special-interest money pouring in, how could he possibly know the source of all that special-interest money? It's a win-win, but only if you're Arnold.

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