Aug. 4 - Aug. 11

PLUS: a posthumous collection of DJ Screw's Greatest Hits, honoring the Houston cult rapper who invented Mike Jones et al. by drinking cough syrup and slowing down all his remixes: "Leave Me Alone!" "Please Stop!" "Why!" "(Gonna) Overdose (On Codeine Cough Syrup in the Front Seat of My Car)!" And finally "Go to Heaven!" Out now on Obvious Warning Signs records. Plus: good-bad-but-not-evil rappers Ellay Khule and the Rifleman jekyll/hyde their new Califormula!And Geto Boys go chopped 'n' screwed, which is just one Tim Kerr guitar track from being the greatest record in Texas history! And from the pale 'n' pasty department: a collection of just-now influential Glasgow band Orange Juice, who gave Franz Ferdinand all their ideas and now struggle with poverty and debilitating health conditions. Happy ending pending.

Out come the freaks: KillMeTomorrowhas Suicide drums, Pere Ubu effects and Devo's bad dreams. Underrated sci-fi rock & roll for undernourished listeners. Openers DanceDisasterMovementmiscalculated worse than Echo & the Bunnymen—few echoes, no bunnymen—by putting the word "dance" in their name because it made everyone think they were the Rapture when they're really early Can or Silver Apples. History will absolve them, though. At Koo's.

Asked a Mexican about Tazumaland he said, "All Latinos care about nowadays is that reggaetónbullshit, and we don't blame them: when presented with the choice between hearing the political death metal of Tazumal or getting squashed to the floor by a fat chula grinding to 'Gasolina,' wouldn't you pick the latter?" See, people are all the same, no matter their skin color: they all hate death metal. And they all love a thick chick . . . at the Galaxy.

PLUS: Haterfeaturing BUBBA DUPREE FROM VOID THE GREATEST HARDCORE BAND OF ALL HUMAN HISTORY EXCEPT MAYBE SOME FINNISH PEOPLE at Alex's, plus people from lesser flesh-and-blood bands such as Soundgarden/Zen Guerilla/Broadcast Oblivion/Pearl Jam (Pearl Jam guy not touring, so back off, nubile MILFs). Hater was originally a hard psych/rawk sanity-preserver side-project during the days when Soundgarden was cashing in on "Spoonman," but now founder Ben Shephard has roped off a touring lineup and some unreleased demos and some other things and stuff and words, and then BUBBA DUPREE FROM VOID, fuck! Even if he's some weird burnout guy now, that's still like suckling at the pinky finger of God—will he ever stop rockin'?!?

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