Roddenberry: The Next Generation

Gene Roddenberrys son Rod on his upcoming documentary, his dad and Trekkie pedophiles

Starship Enterprise

I'vewonderedifTrek beingseenasthisveryleft-wing,secularhumanistthinghassomethingtodowithwhyit'sfallenoutoffavorlately.Americahasswungsofartotheright.

Well . . . that's a big question. With Bush being as religious as he is, and the people we're at war with being as religious as they are . . . I can't answer your question. [Considers] See, I'm a humanist. I believe we should embrace different ideas, including Christianity, including Islam, and even including people who hate those religions. I hate to get all Trek-y,but I believe in [the Vulcan motto] Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, that we should celebrate our differences. I'm not sure if I answered your question. I'm not sure if I remember your question!

DoyouthinkTrek willriseagain?

Definitely. I was in favor of canceling it [Enterprise] and letting it take a break for a few years. I think [producer] Manny Coto coming aboard Enterprisein its last season was the best thing that could have happened to Trek,but it was too little, too late. He's the one person who I thought could justify keeping the franchise going. But there are like 700 hours of Treknow for people to watch. I say let it go for a while, give it time for the hierarchy at Paramount to change. Maybe give it time for the world to change. <</p>

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