Black Hole Records

Top 10 records from July 1 to July 7 at Black Hole Records, 108 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, (714) 449-1788. Black Hole Records specializes in British pop, rockabilly, psychobilly and punk rock.

1The Tears, HereCometheTears(Independiente)

2The White Stripes, GetBehindMeSatan(V2)

3Oasis, Don'tBelievetheTruth(Epic)

4Banane Metalik, Sex,BloodandGore'N'Roll(Killer Bananas)

5Monster Klub, DrinkWiththeDevil(NoCo Records)

6Lords of the New Church, BelieveItOrNot(NDN Records)

7Coldplay, X&Y(Capitol)

8The Sex Pistols, NeverMindtheBollocksHere'stheSexPistols(Warner Bros.)

9The Other, They'reAlive(Fiend Force Records)

10Transplants, HauntedCities(Atlantic)

STAFFPICK:The Tears, HereCometheTears(Independiente): "Because Bernard Butler kicks ass, and it's a must for Suede fans." (Bill & Krys)