Aborting Their Own

OC conservatives say a San Diego publisher has hijacked the anti-abortion movement

The California Catholic Conference, the public-policy arm of California's Roman Catholic bishops, agrees. Just months before the PNI collapsed, that body took the extraordinary step of endorsing it over Holman's initiative. "[O]ur lawyers have warned us," their press release stated, "that [the Parents' Right to Know Initiative] may be successfully challenged on legal grounds."

Rhomberg dismisses those concerns as "prudential differences" and "excessive caution." But another prominent election lawyer disagrees. In November, Eric Grant—a member of the Federalist Society who worked on the failed gubernatorial campaign of Bill Simon—wrote a memo warning that the forced-abortion clause of the Parents' Right to Know Initiative is a "flaw that makes it vulnerable to legal attack under California law."

Reached at his Sacramento office, Grant told the Weekly, "I stand by what I wrote. . . . Anyone asked to defend [the Parents' Right to Know Initiative] could mount a credible defense. But as my memo said, there's a risk. There's a danger of it. It's a concern, and any supporter needs to take that concern seriously."


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