Diary of a Mad County

Monday, June 27
Well, apparently there really are no free lunchesor freeimplementsto clean up the mess of a Double Gravy Smoothie. A report published today in Health Affairssays that private health insurance spending on obesity-relatedillnessesincreased tenfold from 1987 to 2002. The figure is a whopping $36.5 billion. ???Scientists, munching on porkrindsdipped in drawn butter, say they're baffled about the reason Americans are suffering from so many fat-related diseases but think they'll be able to think more clearly after they've had their afternoon allotment of chocolate-covered bacon.

Tuesday, June 28
Deatheverywhere, and I'm not talking about Southwest Airlines anymore. First, if you were wondering what happened to Carl'sJr.founder Carl Karcher, apparently he died. Was the world's most Catholic man done in by those Carl's commercials showing ParisHiltonrobbing the innocence of a neophyte sponge? No, it was the LA Times. In a story about Callawaygolf clubs, the Timessays Carl died in 1992, later correcting itself to say that it was Carl's brother, Donald, who was dead. Does the Times' bloodlustknow no end? Second, saw today where the Black Eyed Peas, well-known NBA and Best Buy spokesmen, are hitting the road with GwenStefanion the Harajuku Lovers Tours; Harajuku Lovers referring to the fashion line Stefani is launching. No word on when the tour will hit Reno, but it will, oh, trust me, it will.

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