Case Un-closed

eRohrabacher revisits the Oklahoma City bombing

"Over the years, I'm getting all this resistance from the federal government," he said. "I'm figuring they wouldn't do all this to protect a couple of guards. Then I get this message from McVeigh about Guthrie and look at the description of John Doe 2, and I piece it together."

Last year, Trentadue received leaked FBI documents linking Guthrie to a white supremacist compound based in Elohim City, Oklahoma. He used those documents to force the FBI to turn over its files from the bureau's investigation of the Midwestern Bank Bandits—files that proved the FBI had informants inside Elohim City, and that they knew McVeigh had called the compound just days before the Oklahoma bombing.

Trentadue says full release of the bureau's files will prove the FBI knew about the Oklahoma City bombing in advance—and could have done something to stop it.

"This was a sting operation run amok; it went too far," he says. "Those teletypes are smoking guns."

On Jan. 28, Trentadue was visiting his mother in Westminster and took copies of the teletypes to Rohrabacher's district headquarters. Just weeks later, Rohrabacher made the stunning announcement that he was reopening the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.

"Rohrabacher was alarmed," Trentadue says. "He said, 'If these things are real, they implicate the FBI and the government of the United States in the greatest act of terrorism in the 20th century."

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