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Nightlife and more: June 16-23


TimKinsellais famous—like 1990s famous. Through his guilty hands (in Cap'n Jazz and then Joan of Arc) flowed the guitar pop/noise that would melt and warp via nth-generation misunderstanders into the mutated casualty rock of, like, Bright Eyes or Phantom Planet or something, I dunno, whatever rich professional sad people are around right now. Anyway, the horror of what modern life did to his well-intentioned self-expression made Kinsella go a little crazy, and now he tours with noisier/poppier band MakeBelieve(lemme fuck you up with: "It's like Jandek replacing Joey Santiago in the Pixies!") and interviews journalists before they can interview him; at ChainReactionif you want to see a real grown musician doing something heartfelt and weird and therefore kind of cool.

ALSO: MerleHaggardat the CrazyHorse!First of two nights!

Supposedly out today: Ol'DirtyBastard'sfatal ASonUniquealbum, packed with guest spots by Ol' Dirty Bastard recording session survivors like Ghostface, Beanie Sigel and Missy Elliot, all of whom were currently non-overdosed at press time. The Wu-Tang Clan had reunited for a farewell-Big-Baby-Jesus track, unfortunately not finished quickly enough to be attached to this album, but there's still some sad times to be had in Missy's song, like with (as reported by MTV) a chorus that goes: "Dirt Dog, Dirt Dog, he's our man/If he can't do it, no one can." In related news: all Eskimos, submarines, armies, navies, air forces, marines, women, babies, munchkins and schoolteachers plan a respectful shout out to the memory of Ol' Dirty at sunset today.

PLUS: Have you heard the new WhiteStripesyet? The British non-NME press says, "This sounds like a rushed and unfinished collection of demos that could have been something very good given more time." And the American press says, "Of course it's good! Brilliant! Perfect! Oh, Jack, you've done it again! Oh, yes, Jack, it's . . . oh, Jack . . . oh YES! TELL ME I'M BAD, JACK! . . . OH!"

ALSO OUT TODAY: Blue Cheer blues with PearlsandBrass(on Doppelganger) and driftwood and seaweed on the LostLegendsofSurfGuitarcomp on Sundazed; Jim Washburn, please review this.

Dobro-toting star baby RoccoDeLucausually plays his Appalachian hill-person music for the hard-bitten dudes that relax at the Gypsy Lounge after getting off shift from the coal mines around Lake Forest, but then Kiefer Sutherland—who has started a record label perfect for Juliette and the Licks—signed him and now he wields clout enough to open for Lifehouse(the Christian, uh, Matchbox 20, and thus Jesus wept) at HOB.

"Ow! Jack! Ouch! Ouch! Ow!"


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