Diary of a Mad County

Tuesday, June 14
An LATimesstory says that St.JohntheBaptistSchoolin Costa Mesa has drafted a memo requiring the gayparentsof two kindergartenboys who attend the school to display "appropriate conduct,"which includes "not to present themselves as a coupleat school functions." The memo comes after some of the school's parents demanded the school follow Christ'steachings of meanness,crueltyand hypocrisyin the matter. They pointed out that the Church has been consistent in saying that homosexual sex between two loving,committedand consentingadults is an abomination, while homosexual sex between a priestand a youngboyis grounds for promotion.The irony is that if the gay couple agrees not to be a "couple" at school functions, they'll pretty much blend right in, since my memories of Catholic school have a lot to do with miserablemarriedpeoplestaying together for the sake of the kids and their eternal souls talking to each other through their kids: "Ask your father when he'll be ready for dinner and if he ever feels bad about ruiningmylife."


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