Who Wears Short Shorts?

Reno 911!s Tom Lennon wears short shorts. And hates them!


A very little bit. Everyone seems to like it.


A few people have tried to order them.


No, they didn't. You'd think they'd send me mine. I'll look for it on eBay soon.

So, did you see Brian Unger [formerly of The Daily Show] in the third episode? He hosts a local Reno show for kids, Reading Ron.He's a recovering cocaine addict and something real terrible happens. It doesn't go well. It's episode three or four.

Ionlysawtheopeningtwo-partepisode.Butspeakingofkidshows,haveyouseenWonder Showzen onMTV2?

Uh, no. I don't have cable. Wonder Show-what?

WonderShowzen.You'vegottogetatapeofit.It'slikeSesame Street oncrack.

Is it for kids?


[Laughsoutloud.]That sounds wonderful.


Our new character shows up in the third episode. We will have one new deputy and I would not say who it was, but every publication in America has already printed it. It's Mary Birdsong [Deputy Cheresa Kimball]. She's from the Live on Tape sketch group. When we were in The State, she was in Live on Tape. She's really hilarious. She plays a very different sort of character. She's the least sort-of-cartoony character. Everybody else on this show is like the wacky sidekick. We needed someone more grounded than the rest of us. We were looking a little bit like Fat Albert and the gang. There was Mush Mouth and Russell standing there . . .


No. She is also pretty funny, but she's a far-right, right-wing Christian, a devout, devout Christian, which is what we needed.


Yeah, I think it will play well in lots of places.


Uh, I don't. My legs are a mess by the end of the season. It's worse than you even think. If you think it must be bad in shorts, what's worse is under those shorts are two straps to keep my shirt tucked in. The shirt tails are longer than the shorts are. So the straps are there to make sure nothing dangles out. I can't really stand up straight; the straps that hold my shirt down cut off circulation to everything. The shorts were such a funny idea for the pilot, for maybe one season, but right now, I've done over 50 episodes of this show. It was a horrible, horrible plan. And my legs are always getting scraped and bleeding.


Brush, broken glass, climbing into dumpsters. It looks like someone shattered glass on my legs.


Oh, yeah. Sure.


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