Diary of a Mad County

Saturday, June 4

Sunday, June 5
I'm sure I speak for the entire OCWeeklystaff, most especially Rebecca Schoenkopf, when I offer hearty congratulations to LievSchreiberfor winning a Tony Award tonight for his featured performance in the Broadway revival of GlengarryGlenRoss.Liev is a great guy and a favorite around the office, though the way he and Rebecca do go on, there always seems to be a point when someone has to say, "Hey, Liev Schreiber, can you and Rebecca be quiet for just a second and let us get some work done? Man, are you two ever inseparable, certainly nothing chippycould ever happen between the two of you. No, Liev Schreiber, no one would ever accuse you, certainly not Rebecca, of being standoffish or 'talking in a desultorymanner,'or being 'snobby and horribleand coldand cadaverousand incapableofhumanemotion.'That would be crazy."

Monday, June 6
TheSupremeCourtrules that sick people can't use medicalmarijuanato ease their pain and suffering because, I dunno, I guess a sick person once ranoverthe Supreme Court's dog.It is the court's strongest position on marijuana since its landmark Tokevs.Bogartdecision of 1968. The Bush White House applauds the court's decision, saying the ruling, along with Bush's strong stand against stem cell research, will form the bedrock of his "No PatientLeftAlive"health care initiatives.

Tuesday, June 7


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