Diary of a Mad County

Sunday, May 29
Saw MadHotBallroomwith my family today. It's a great movie, one that will renew your faith and hope in America, immigrants, schools, kids, teachers and the rumba.It was so good, even our finicky film critics liked it. EllaTaylorcalled it "so much fun, I wanted it to go on forever . . ." Wait, that wasn't Ella Taylor. That was the Register'sGordonDillowwriting about the IraqWar.

Monday, May 30
Oh, and about that. DickCheney,ever the voice of calm and reason, says he thinks we'll be out of Iraq by 2009.And who wouldn't trust Cheney, who pushed for the war because of weapons of mass destruction that didn'texistand because there was a long-standing connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda that never occurred? But on this Memorial Day (1,650 Americandeadin Iraq and counting), Cheney seems certain. In fact, we haven't seen anyone this certain regarding Iraq since Cheney's "boss," George W. Bush, announced an end to major combat operations while standing on an aircraft carrier flight deck in front of a banner reading "Mission Accomplished."That was two years ago.

Tuesday, May 31
Today, in one of his semi-annual press conferences, an especially shrilland boastfulGeorge W.Bush declares that he was the first person to realize SocialSecuritywas in danger, that the United Nations is an important organization and that he thinks it's important to use diplomacy to solve our problems with other countries (1,650 and counting). For a man whose image is so closely molded and guarded, who looks so good on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier reading someone else's words, it's a wonderful opportunity for Americans to see what the guy really is: smirky,smugand small.Thank God he talks.


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