Memorial Daze

A military transport plane crash 40 years ago killed 83 people. Steve Bedunah
says hes No. 84

He started crying again. "How can I be talking to you one minute and the next minute you're in little pieces?"

That was the last time we saw Bedunah. He said he was going to continue driving across the country in his truck, trying to talk to every living relative of every victim of the crash—to tell them their loved ones were heroes. Bedunah said he was going to compile their stories into a book called PaidinFullthat will pay tribute to the plane crash victims. He said he won't rest until Pentagon officials declare all 83 crash victims war heroes.

"I've been to the Vietnam War memorial, but I didn't look at it," he said. "There are 83 names that should be there and aren't. Before I leave this earth, I will, hell or high water, make sure these guys are recognized."

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