Diary of a Mad County

By Steve Lowery

May 22
The Angelsand Dodgersface off for their third meeting over the weekend at Dodger Stadium. As Dodger fans, who watched their team get spankedby Los Angeles in the first two contests, watch their team finally pull ahead late in the third game, they chant, "Beat L.A.!BeatL.A.!"At least, I think they were chanting that. Oh, how I hope they were chanting that.

May 23
EntertainmentTonightairs its first installment of the LeTourneau wedding tonight. In it, Mary Kay admits to being very nervous; in fact, one can imagine she hasn't been this nervous since the police caught her having sex with the then-13-year-old—or was it 14? They grow up so fast—Vili in a car. ETdiscloses that to keep everything secret about the wedding, LeTourneau was transported to the wedding site lying down in a car with a sheetover her head, which, coincidentally, is the way the copsfound her that night she was having sexwith Vili.

May 24
A thousand pardonsfor mentioning the MichaelJacksontrial—hey, ET,where's his special coverage? Oh, yeah, it's on the E!Network—but JayLeno,host of the TonightShowsince 1992, is scheduled to testify for the defense today. Here's hoping Leno, who is expected to be asked about the mercenary nature of the defendant's mother, will also be pressed on the whereabouts of hilarious comedian Jay Leno, who disappearedin 1992.


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