Drinking Mr. Goods Bar

Back Alley Bar and Grill's Johnny B. Good is my favorite bartender because he doesn't remember, or kindly doesn't mention, a certain night when I had to be scraped off the floor of the Back Alley bathroom after five Screaming Orgasms and two hours of referring to my fingertips as "sensory bits." I talked to him over the din of a Beastie Boys cover band and a deadly pink drink called a Go Get'em.

No, it mostly stays locals. We don't get too many college kids, but we're hoping to attract a more adult crowd starting at the beginning of June.

WhathappensinJune?We're opening a whole other side to the bar [Front Alley], with two more pool tables, food and some more up-class drinks.

Pretty much a better well—martinis, cocktails, stuff like that.

We have live music most nights, lots of local bands, but on Wednesdays, we're starting an Unhappy Hour featuring magic by Professor Johnny and heckling by Mr. Negativity [Joel Beers!]. Twenty-minute shows at 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30 of close-up bar magic!

Disappearingvodkabottles?Let's just say I get a bottle broken over my head every show, thanks to Mr. Negativity.

Wacky Taffy. The recipe is top secret, but it's like Laffy Taffy, only with a lotof alcohol. But it's best served on the rocks, not as a shot.

What'syourfavoritesummerdrink?Margaritas. Definitely margaritas. IalwaysrunintotheoddestpeoplewheneverI'mhere.Who'stheweirdestcustomeryou'veeverdealtwith?
There was this 40-year-old guy once, just sitting at the bar, who brought a cordless phone with him.

No, just a regular cordless phone! And he was just sitting there, and would say, "Ring, ring!" and start talking into it. It was just bizarre.

It is, I swear.

Back Alley Bar & Grill/Front Alley, 116 1/2 W. Wilshire Ave., Fullerton, (714) 526-3032.

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