You know bands like the Arcade Fire are mega—or mega-to-be—when the photographer's pit in front of the stage resembles the mob of fans just on the other side of the steel barricade. We, too, loved the exuberant, anthemic Montreal band, and their people who climbed up the stage rigging, and their employment of violins, accordions and xylophones, which have never sounded more perfect for a rock & roll band.

New Order dipped lovingly into the Joy Division songbook for "Atmosphere" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart," fittingly in this 25th year since Ian Curtis' suicide. And of course, they did "Blue Monday," the new wave "Stairway to Heaven."

Monday-morning observations whilst perusing the Coachella photo captions in the LA Times: a guy with a guitar jumping into the air doesn't necessarily constitute "thrilling" the crowd; nor does a girl with a mic in her hand make a fair representation of "taking no prisoners."

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