You Are What You Read

We help you figure out who that is

Design:Ginormous size equals huge, easy-on-the-eyes fonts and pictures.

Accessories:A fantastic, superdecadent gossip section.


Legend:The most important and enduring bible of men's fashion.

Hallmark:Tom Cruise, any older, established man who secretes the distinctive scent of cigar smoke and rubbing alcohol.

Demographic:Bros. Somehow, GQis still considered the best men's fashion magazine by the computer whiz kid in a hip-hop band who wears fitted everything andthe retired investment dude who likes tailored suits and Nikes from the 1970s.

Advocates:Confident manly-man-ness.

Favorite Labels:Dolce & Gabbana, Perry Ellis, Burberry, Banana Republic.

Design:"High Masculine" but classy. Not supergay—just gay enough. Evokes the aesthetic of men's social clubs of yore but updated for the gays.

Accessories:A pioneering lad mag, GQis all about the ladies. Sexy women pepper the pages alongside articles on every possible dude gadget. Inexplicably, short stories.

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