The Culture of Life

Let Terri Schiavo go. Activists!

This weekend, after a life-affirming trip to TheFling—thefull story of which includes a blonde with a good body and no teeth dry-humping my friend's leg sometime after I puked—I went to CHOCFollies.

There, amid some really good singing and some flat-out marvelous dancing (the lead role went to a Rockette),Orange County's most charitable socialites took to the stage in a $400,000 benefit for ChildrensHospitalofOrangeCountyand sang songs with lyrics such as "So sweet, soft and gentle/My favorite Oriental," while doing the ever-popular boob-shakey move, in a plot that centered on the Rockette finding rich husbands for her three orphaned nieces, all of whom just kept insistingon marrying penniless sexpots. It was, um, very nice!

CHOC has a pediatric hospice, the RainbowRoom.It has big windows and nice fabrics and a PlayStationII.It's plushly outfitted to make children's last days comfortable while their medical-terrorist parents let them die. The people at CHOC refused to say how many children pass away there each year or how many parents have to make a decision to stop life support. They say to divulge numbers of children who die would be an invasion of families' privacy.

I think I know something that might be a little bit more privacy-invading than that.



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