Diary of a Mad County

Monday, March 7 Remember all the outrage when the Anaheim Angelschanged their name to the LosAngelesAngels?"Oh, we're not going to buy tickets, and we're not going to support a team that's not named Anaheim." Yeah, well, the Angels announced today that all that outrage has translated into them already selling 2.3 million tickets. That's more than the other LA team, which sold about 2 million. What's more, the Angels have sold 26,000 season tickets, an increase of 1,000 from last year and about 4,000 more than the Dodgers. The numbers might give the city of Anaheim pause about going forward with its plans to take the team to court over the name change. The city, as of Jan. 31, had already spent more than $200,000 on legal bills that only figure to skyrocket. The numbers prompted Angel owner ArteMorenoto thank fans while inviting the AnaheimCityCouncilto "go make me a sandwich."

Tuesday, March 8 We went with the light-brown couch and a chair and ottoman with a matching pattern that also draws in the couch. The couch is very comfortable, especially for me, since I'm no longer weighted down by a soul.


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