Diary of a Mad County

Monday, Feb. 14 Who says the FBI doesn't have a heart? It waits until today, Valentine's Day, to announce the arrest of eight men on sex charges involving children. Some had made arrangements to travel out of the country to have sex with underage boys, some as young as eight, while one, Jeff DeVore, an ordained volunteer assistant minister at the United Church of Christ in Brea, was arrested for possessing child pornography. Reached for comment, the Catholic Church said it was "minding our own business. See? Myaah."

Tuesday, Feb. 15 Mary Kay LeTourneau has officially become the Sojourner Truth of grade-school teachers who rape their students. Upon news that LeTourneau, daughter of the late OC congressman and superstud John Schmitz, plans to marry the former student she raped, MSNBC runs an online poll asking if people believe the marriage is "appropriate." Sixty-two percent said yes, though it wasn't immediately known how many of those votes came from Brea.


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