Diary of a Mad County

Monday, Feb. 7
The day after the Super Bowl, and all the talk is about the commercials. Two commercials are getting a lot of attention, both of them from Orange-based Ameriquest Mortgage. Many people object to their gratuitous use of violence (Hot!); in the first, a man is mistakenly believed to be robbing a liquor store and is maced, beaten and tasered—which, coincidentally, is how Orange Countians celebrated the first Black History Month—while in the second, a man seems to be butchering a cat. Me? I enjoyed the spots and am not at all surprised by their content. After all, Ameriquest and its subsidiaries gave $750,000 to the Bush inauguration fund. What's surprising about a company that supports the Bush White House using violence to communicate its message?

Tuesday, Feb. 8
Thank you to whoever sent me the link to, where I beheld this:

Location: Laguna Beach

Celebrity: Reverend Robert H. Schuller/Crystal Cathedral

"Not a nice man. Came with three fawning guests. They insisted on being seated on the outdoor deck, which is so narrow fire marshals only allow two people at a table. When refused, they moved themselves and pushed tables together. Wouldn't move back to a suitable table when asked. There are no rules—fire marshal's or otherwise—that apply to the Reverend Schuller! Nasty people. I've waited on thousands and thousands, and maybe a half dozen have put me in tears. Schuller & Co. were among those. Terrible tippers, too."

So, the list that Robert Schuller abuses now reads: Communists, local homeowners, airline personnel, minimum-wage earners and anyone who runs into his hair. Dude just seems like one big hypocritical, self-righteous prick (Hot!).


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