The Bra Whisperer

OC Weeklys Kristine Brooks can guess your size in one glance

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Why are men so obsessed with breasts?

Because they don't have them. What men do have—am I allowed to say penises?

Have you read our paper?

Oh, yeah. Men have penises. I think it's fairly common knowledge that they play with them rather regularly, and I don't just mean masturbation or going to the bathroom. I mean men adjust their penis and balls regularly, and they feel no shame. Men don't have breasts to play with, and most women who have male partners know men like to play with breasts. They find it especially intriguing. It's definitely an erogenous zone. I think breasts are representative of female sexuality. It's akin to their penis.

The vagina is all hidden.

Vagina is LIPS—it's confusing to men; it can be challenging, not all men master the vagina. Most don't.

Right . . I mean, right, I agree with you, not right, I haven't mastered the vagina because, c'mon, clearly, you know, had the sex, had the kids. I mean, c'mon. . . . Have you heard something?

[. . .]

So, most men . . .

Well, there are a lot more working parts. It takes a lot more work. The breast—it's an erogenous zone and it's simple: here's a nipple, the areola is around the nipple, and the breast tissue is around the areola. Pretty much if you suck on the nipple or pinch the nipple, you're mastering the breast. Most women react well to that, and I think it's a power point for men. I think they're nervous about the vagina and figure if they work on the breast for a while and she's having a positive response to that, maybe you build some confidence so you can move down to the vagina. I don't know if that's going to be in the article.

Have you read our paper?

Oh, yeah.

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