Our Only Bond

Defending himself against molestation charges, OC man says his daughter is a radical-feminist lesbian

Yocum finished by happily steering the conversation from molestation to television shows and movies. He ended the conversation by turning their relationship on its head—telling his daughter, "I don't have any animosity"—and then signed off, "Good luck on finals. Love you."

Following the tape bombshell, jurors looked exhausted. One woman slowly shook her head. A red-faced older man stared at the defendant, who quickly gulped half a bottle of water.

Later, during a break, Yocum huddled with his mother in the hallway. He remained upbeat. "There are two different ways for them to interpret the tape," he said.

In her closing argument, Burk argued that the taped conversation supported Yocum's story. So great was his love for his daughter, she said, that "he apologized [for committing sex crimes] falsely," she said. "He wanted so desperately to have his family back together that he was willing to say . . . whatever."

The prosecutor's rebuttal was ferocious. Costello used one word for the defense argument—"ludicrous"—and three for Yocum—an "arrogant . . . conceited . . . idiot."

"He's probably convinced he did what he did out of love," said the veteran deputy DA before resting her case.

On Jan. 19, after barely more than two hours of deliberations, a jury of seven women and four men convicted Yocum. Superior Court Judge Richard M. King is scheduled to punish him on Feb. 7. The sentencing range is six to 17 years in state prison.

With the verdict in and the likelihood he'll have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life after prison, Yocum said nothing. A bailiff handcuffed him and led him to jail. His daughter, who remained so composed throughout the trial, sat in the back of the courtroom and sobbed.

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