Haidl Wept

Judge concedes the gang-rape suspect is in great need, but says no to Get Out of Jail card

Barke didn't offer any sympathy for the alleged rape victim and her family.

"Greg's a very conflicted young man," said Barke. "Greg's suffering from medical and mental illness. Greg needs help. . . . In a perfect world [in jail], we could go to Greg every day and say, 'How's your anxiety?'"

The doctor says the rape cases have put an unfair burden on Haidl. "Greg is understandably very, very angry, depressed and frustrated that he has no way to vent," he said.

A worried-looking, soft-spoken BriseŮo asked the doctor what would make Haidl feel better under the circumstances. Sitting on the witness stand, Barke looked at the defendant and said, "Greg desperately needs a caring environment." The doctor wants him housed at College Hospital because Haidl "isn't being treated fairly" in jail. "It's pretty far from a therapeutic environment."

After the judge left the bench and most reporters filed out of the courtroom, a deputy did what deputies never do for rape suspects: he, too, patted Haidl on the back, whispered something in his ear, smiled warmly, winked at Haidl's nearby father—the former assistant sheriff—and then gently placed the defendant in handcuffs for his trip back to cell 13. Before leaving, Haidl turned, lifted his bound wrists and gave his parents the "hang loose" sign.

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