Man Of The Year

Mr. Irresponsible, Gregory Scott Haidl

• When Haidl crashed his car into oncoming traffic in Santa Ana, he didn't tell police he'd been drinking alcohol and was high on illegal drugs or that he was on the way to see his drug dealer; he blamed "spicy Indian food" for his apparent intoxication.

• When Jane Doe, the first alleged rape victim, was arrested on drug-possession charges, Haidl declared the girl could not be trusted because she used narcotics.

• When Superior Court Judge Francisco BriseŮo grew tired of Haidl ignoring bail rules and prepared to toss the defendant in jail until his two upcoming rape trials, Haidl blamed prosecutors and the media for making him suicidal, a condition he unsuccessfully argued should prevent his lockup.

• When an incarcerated Haidl threw a tantrum in his mental-health-ward cell at the Orange County Jail and forced deputies to calm him with a Taser gun shot, Haidl blamed the incident on deputies who refused to comply with his demands.

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