The same story implied Narconon and Narcotics Anonymous are the same organization. They are not. This was not the fault of the writer, but rather the editor, who was blazing at the time.

The wrong byline was given on the Dec. 10 Contents page for a film story. Ed Halter was the writer who watched filmmakers mining meaning from the Me Decade by focusing on radicals. In that same chunk of Contents page type, and in the "On the Cover!" section on the same page and, yes, even on the cover itself, we misspelled the last name of Patty Hearst.

In R. Scott Moxley's "Playing Doctor" [Dec. 3], it was incorrectly reported that Dr. Irwin Rosenfeld's five-year probation, handed down by the Medical Board of California, ended Nov. 5. In fact, that was the date on which the board notified Rosenfeld that his probation ended Sept. 11.

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