The Game Is Up

Web Exclusive: Despite daddys money, power and influence, gang-rape defendant Haidl runs out of outs

But the game was up. Briseño—who'd warned Greg Haidl in August that his bail would be revoked if he misbehaved again—had finally tired. "The facts of the underlying [rape] charges are strong," said Briseño, who then declared that the evidence is "clear and convincing" Greg Haidl ignored his bail rules and is a danger to himself as well as the public.

There's no mystery why CBS' 48 Hours will broadcast a story about the case on Saturday. The Haidl plot line is all about money, power, teen sex and injustice with the bonus of a Newport Beach setting. Network officials say the show won't contain any surprises for those of us who know the tale. That's too bad. They had comparatively limitless access to Greg and the Haidl family for the past two years. It would have been nice to learn the answer to one of the few remaining unanswered questions: If he had to do it all over again, would Don Haidl spend so much money, time and energy trying to shield his son from growing up?

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