Haidls Secret Weapon?

Web Exclusive: Prosecutors say a sex-crimes felon is trying to silence Haidls alleged rape victimsby posing as their friend

On at least one occasion, Stull allegedly had a student pose naked while fondling herself for a photograph, police say. On other occasions, he took students to his home or to apartments, took his clothes off and had sex, according to a police report. Records also provide graphic descriptions of Stull "offering to put his tongue to [a student's] anus," "kissing and feeling [a student's] breast under her shirt," taking a student's "hand and placing it on his groin area outside of his clothing and allow[ing] her to feel his erect penis," "exposing his penis and asking her to masturbate him," and "fondling [a student's] vaginal area to orgasm."

California state-bar records show Stull was convicted in 1992 for six charges involving "oral copulation with a minor" and "penetration of the genital or anal opening with a foreign object." By 1994, he'd lost his job as a prosecutor and his law license was suspended for 16 months. Two years later, Stull moved to Orange County; got his criminal record expunged; and opened a criminal-defense practice, Stull & Stull in Irvine. In 2002, he convinced Orange County Judge Ron Kreber to set aside his obligation to register as a convicted sex offender.

Asked in September to explain his conviction, Stull—who says he is married now with two children—recoiled angrily.

"That happened, like, 15 years ago," he said. "It has nothing to do with the Haidl case at all. I just represent a victim here, that's all. My past case is so far removed it's not even the same thing. There's nothing remotely similar. It's a completely different deal. The DA is putting so much pressure on her [Jane Doe No. 2] to testify. Look, she's embarrassed enough about having sex, let alone being forced to talk about it. All of this has no relationship to my own case. It's like if you asked me: Did you smoke pot in college? It wouldn't make sense. It's the same type of thing here."

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