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Ayn Rand Is a Sociopath

At least the local Ayn Rand Institute jefe disagreed—albeit milquetoastily—with that particularly lame and un-libertarian-like assessment (just ask the Randians over at The Orange County Register). "If I may disagree," he whispered, "there are multiple scenarios where Iraq becomes worse-off."

The fuck, you say!

I would have had more questions, too, had I in fact not bailed. For instance: When Bernstein extolled capitalist nation's average incomes, was he simply misnaming the proper median income? Or was he really talking about average incomes, which don't mean shit when you're trying to explain how well wealth is spread? If you average my income with Bill Gates', you get $15 billion.

There was a lot more—an hour and 15 minutes' worth of more—but perhaps the best part (aside from when he apologized for Pinochet; everyone's willing to apologize for Pinochet, but who will apologize for Sting?)—came when he discussed the moving plight of a victim of Robert Mugabe. "He was asking not for a check or for the blood of our soldiers, despite his suffering," Bernstein intoned piously. "The only thing he asked of us was this: 'America, stop apologizing for your greatness!'"

And start apologizing for Liza Minnelli!

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