Diary of a Mad County

Monday, Nov. 8 My voice mail is bursting with angry calls about our cover showing then-Governor Bush flipping off a TV camera. The calls go something like: "How dare you publish a picture of the president flipping the bird." There's an unmistakable disconnect in people's voices that either we forced Bush's finger into that position or that, even if he really did give the camera the finger, he didn't really give it the finger. Of course, that's what personal responsibility is all about: making someone else personally responsible for stuff you've done. By the way, I'd just like all those who called in to know that for every one of your angry calls, we got a call saying how awesome the cover was and how we should run more of them. We totally agree. Of course, we did get calls that said the picture was disgusting. We totally agree.

Tuesday, Nov. 9 The folks trying to save the Fox Theater are given one more day to fail, while over on KOCE, it's more top-notch local programming with the premiere of Ooooh, Look! Shiny! The Supervisor Jim Silva Story. You know, a lot of people ask me, "Hey, Steve, why so rough on KOCE?" When I say, "They suck," that usually ends the conversation. Still, some insist on pointing out that Real Orange is an Emmy winner, having just won another local Emmy for a documentary about local fires. That's nice, but, c'mon, local Emmys? Everyone wins a local Emmy. They're like Little League trophies: you get one just for participating. I'm pretty sure the guy who pulls the numbers out of the Lotto hopper has won five. In fact, the guy who puts the numbers in the hopper just got a lifetime-achievement Emmy.
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