I am a lifelong Roman Catholic and former Latin-trained altar boy, born in 1950. Further, I am an arch-Reagan conservative. I recognize this publication is as far to the left of me as possible. I know about the "agenda" of the ownership and its affiliations coming out of New York. However, I am very thankful for Gustavo Arellano's consistent reporting on the corruption and arrogance of certain hierarchy in the Catholic Church. It mirrors what Jesus said about the hierarchy of the Judaic faith 2,000 years ago. Everything that goes around eventually comes around, doesn't it? Keep up the good journalistic work. Your reports are long overdue for Catholics and hierarchy that need a swift kick in the ---. I anxiously await the next OC Weekly to see what you have dug up next. Here is where a free press and the penetrating reports such as yours offer hope. For the truth shall make us free.

Bill B.
via e-mail
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