Fairies, Queens and handsome Princes

Matt Marxtynn brings the Pixie Flix Fest to Disneyland

Yeah. It was some Halloween thing, and he was dressed as Dracula so nobody would recognize him. She went into a room and tore her clothes and came out and ran around the halls, saying she'd been attacked. Her brother pretended to be a stranger. So she sued Disney for having bad security. Disney paid a lot of money, they settled out of court, and later it came out these people faked the whole thing. So Disney's very strict about costumes now. I've seen a couple of drag queens who managed to sneak in and not get recognized, but they were dressed very conservatively. From a distance they looked like women. I had a friend they wouldn't let in once because he was wearing these thin, Japanese boots. I think they said it was a security issue, like how gyms make you wear your shoes when working out.

Maybe they were afraid people would think he escaped fromMulan. I guess you could say that Magic Mountain is really magic: they let people run around in there without shirts. Do you get a lot of conservative whackos protesting at these things?Not at the film festival, no. I've only attended during the past few years, so I've missed a lot of the protests. There are some protesters every year in Florida, but after the first year the park made them all move away outside the park. It's like five people now. We've done Pixie Flix twice in Orlando, but this will be our first time out here. It's really a shot in the dark to see who shows up. Hopefully we'll get some straight people coming, too. I'd like people to see that we're responsible, that we can have a good time without making fools of ourselves. The Pixie Flix Fest Screens at the Disneyland Hotel, Sierra Tower, Balboa Screening Room, 1150 W. Magic Way, Anaheim, (888) 602-0009; full screening info at www.pixieflixfest.com. Sun., noon-1 a.m. $4-$10.
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