Silver Lining

Macarthur, The Market And Mary Reilly

Me, I'm moving to Chino.

So since the universe has been showering me with riches this week (by which I mean I haven't tried to kill myself even once), I went to celebrate my new roommate, my unsuccessful real-estate offer, and Rueben Martinez's wonderful news (but not the rollicking candida) with Long Tall Gina because she knows how to celebrate, even though it usually involves Billy's in Newport Beach (ugh) or a group-grope at the Canyon. This time, again, it was the Canyon Inn, because dammit, we just can't get enough. Here is a picture of a funny lady. While she was doing this, the absolutely terrific cover band was doing Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" in a Lux Interior voice, and "Ball and Chain" as though it was a Robert Plant ballad—his version of "Sea of Love," maybe. They were hilarious, and changed many of the words the way a 15-year-old might, which was actually kind of grody now that I think about it. Also, Gina didn't make a single person cry, not even me.

Don't forget our debate-party fundraiser, Thurs., Sept. 30, from 5:30 p.m.! For info:

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