Homeowners Penitentiary

Residents liken their gated community to prison

Chris hasn't paid his $225 fine yet, but he says he will do so in the next few days because he received a letter warning that additional fines or a lien against his house could be levied against him if he doesn't cooperate. "Please be advised that failure to respond and/or failure to correct the non-compliance may result in an additional fine being assessed or legal action," the letter warned.

Gary Frye of Action Property Management Inc., which represents the Alipaz Community Association, said residents who purchase homes in the neighborhood have no choice but to obey the rules. "The board has to enforce whatever restrictions that are in place when the community is formed," he said. "You've got a lot of people there who don't want screen doors."

"Enough is enough," Chris said. "What's next? If someone needs a wheelchair ramp on their house, are they going to deny that? I think word is getting out that when you come home from work to this community, you come home to a prison. They're turning neighbor against neighbor because some residents support the rules and inform against their neighbors. I just think people need to mind their own business."
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