Portrait of the Rapist as a Young Man

Latest rape case suggests young Haidl is growing up

When asked questions about his rap sheet, Stull recoiled.

"That happened like 15 years ago," said Stull. "It has nothing to do with the Haidl case at all. I just represent a victim here, that's all. My past case is so far removed it's not even the same thing. There's nothing remotely similar. It's a completely different deal. The DA is putting so much pressure on her [Jane Doe 2] to testify. Look, she's embarrassed enough about having sex let alone being forced to talk about it. All of this has no relationship to my own case. It's like if you asked me: Did you smoke pot in college? It wouldn't make sense. It's the same type of thing here."

Stull says that he was the victim of a witch hunt by a high school teacher who was "jealous" of his mock trial success and an "incompetent" Bakersfield police detective. (Contacted, the detective sighed at the mention of Stull's name and referred the call to the Kern County District Attorney's office.) Stull said he had sex with the girl, but only after she turned 18.

But I asked Stull why, in 1994, he admitted during a state bar investigation that he had had sex several times with an underage high school girl.

"I was convicted of having sex with a girl, but when they [police] filed charges she was 21 years old," Stull said. "She never went to police. She never said I was guilty of a crime. I was convicted only because of one detective's testimony. Why was the detective so lame? I don't know."

When confronted with detailed descriptions of his actions, Stull explained: "Yes, I knew the girl when she was 17. I was her mock-trial coach. She turned 18, but you have to understand she looked 30. She was about 5'11 about 130 pounds. Beautiful girl. . . . That's all behind me now."

But it's not old news for the Orange County District Attorney's office.

"Here we have a former prosecutor who abused the power of his position and the public trust and now he's advocating that another rape victim not testify," said DA's spokeswoman Susan Kang Schroeder. "The public should be alarmed. It's shocking."

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