Gina Is a Punk Rocker

We cause trouble at Patti Smith, Chris Isaak, the Hut and the Watermans Ball

I suck, I suck, I suck!

Wearing our pretty (and abbreviated) dresses, Gina and I went to the Doll Hut to hear some bluegrass and to preen and vamp. The first band, the Earl Brothers out of San Francisco, were perfect and old-timey and had a luscious mandolin sound—except they were a little too authentic, as their bearded and bespectacled singer relived the Carter Family sound of the '30s by employing a terrible Chipmunks/Bob Dylan nose-singing.

As soon as the Jerry Lee Lewis show at the Mouse House of Blues let out, a bunch of 'billy boys hit the Hut to see the girl-voiced Russell Scott and His Red Hots. "I hate Jerry Lee Lewis because he killed all those wives," I explained patiently to one of his fans, who was clogging my personal space. The fan had never heard this before. "My mother's family is in The Klan. We would have heard something about that!" he responded, bizarrely. Oh. The Klan. How nice for him! "Well, you know how the Klan started, right?" he asked. "When women's husbands would beat them up, the Klan would ride out and set them straight. It was to protect women." You mean like protecting all Jerry Lee Lewis' murdered wives?

"That sounds peachy!" said I, searching for common ground and declining to redneck-bait him. "But surely you'd agree that somewhere along the way they went . . . astray."

No answer. Apparently he wouldn't agree at all.

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