Diary of a Mad County

MONDAY Aug. 16 Like everyone, I think it's a scream that a mildly retarded man inhabits the White House. I mean, it's funny when George W. Bush gets all mixed up with words and ideas and the difference between soup and gravy. Yes, it's all very funny when he falls off bikes and chokes on peanuts and says ridiculous things like "Bring it on!" The problem is people are so used to him saying stupid things that they don't seem to catch it when he says exactly what's on his mind. Today, for example, in a speech announcing a major shift in troop alignment, he says his "new plan will help us fight and win these wars for the 21st century." These wars of the 21st century. Which wars would thosebe? I know about the one where we're going door to door in and have no exit strategy—that one I'm familiar with, but there are others after this. And after that? You know, even the most maniacal leaders—and I'm not going to invoke any of their crazy names, but you know who I'm talking about—paid lip service to finding peaceful solutions to their problems. Of course, Bush may see invoking more war as the only solution to his problems.

TUESDAY Aug. 17 Toll road called this morning; let the machine pick up.
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