Diary of a Mad County

SUNDAY Aug. 8 Okay, I just have to say this: Rick James is not the Super Freak. I am sick and tired of reading Rick James obits that refer to him as the Super Freak. Rick James sang about having sex with the Super Freak. The Super Freak was a woman Rick James was having sex with. So, when you call Rick James the Super Freak, you are in effect saying Rick James could go fuck himself. In effect. Mostly. Yeoow.

MONDAY Aug. 9 Hilarious child abduction. Not enough space. Tell you next week.

TUESDAY Aug. 10 George W. Bushannounces his choice to lead the CIA—you know, that government agency that works much better in movies than in real life. Just as everyone expected, Bush's choice is a Republican congressman. But it's not Christopher Cox (R-the Irvine Co.), whom some thought was in line for this job the same way he was in line for the job of V.P. or federal judge or Supreme Court Justice or Securities and Exchange Commissioner or the new head of the Willy Wonka factory. The man Bush picked is named Porter Goss. A former CIA agent and onetime partner of Dolly Parton, Goss is considered too close to the intelligence community to bring any real reforms to an agency whose agents' thoughts, words and deeds have become as meaningless as the governor of California's.

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