Pussies Galore!

What local candidates dont want voters to know

No, if we're going to start handing out badges of courage like they were honorary Orange County Sheriff's badges—ours are big, pink, faggy, pussy-resembling ones, by the way—we'd give 'em to the office-holders and -seekers who DID take the test, like the following locals who are . . .

NOT BIG FAT PUSSIES: 42nd District Congressman GARY MILLER and the Republican's Democratic challenger, LEWIS MYERS; 44th District Congress Peace and Freedom nominee KEVIN AKIN; 46th District Congress Democrat and Green nominees JIM BRANDT and TOM LASH; 48th District Congress Libertarian and Democrat nominees BRUCE COHEN and JOHN GRAHAM; 49th District Congress Libertarian and Democrat nominees LARS GROSSMITH and MICHAEL BYRON. Also, 33rd District state Senator DICK ACKERMAN and the Republican's Democratic challenger, RANDALL DAUGHERTY; 35th District state Senate Libertarian nominee TIMOTHY JOHNSON; 67th District Assemblyman TOM HARMAN and the Republican's Democratic challenger, DAVID P. SILVA; 68th Assembly District Democrat nominee AL SNOOK; 69th Assembly District Libertarian nominee GEORGE REIS; the 70th Assembly District Democrat and Republican nominees, CARL MARIZ and CHUCK DEVORE; the 73rd Assembly District Democrat and Libertarian nominees, KATHLEEN CALZADA and ANDREW FAVOR.

The Weekly saluting Gary Miller, Dick Ackerman and Chuck Devore? All politics is loco. To check out the actual responses of these brave souls, log onto After all, it does say something about their characters, their intestinal fortitude that they . . . uh . . . ah, screw that crap. Candidates are supposed to respond to their constituents. Remember?

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