Diary of a Mad County

Monday, July 12 I was talking about Magic Mountain a little earlier, and I just want to be clear something up: that guy who dances around and beckons people into his bus to take them to Magic Mountain? He's a penis, right? I mean, the round, smooth head flanked by slightly shriveled skin, the slightly hunched posture springing to life in sudden spasmodic fits and joyous release. Killer.

Tuesday, July 13 A big shout-out to the person who has been inserting homemade, hate-tinged pieces of copy paper into our publication in Huntington Beach. The one I saw had some drawings scribbled across a cast picture of Latino-based TV show American Family from a copied cover of a TV Register. Underneath that, next to a small picture of NY Giants reserve quarterback Jesse Palmer of ABC's The Bachelorwas the inscription "Send These Diseased Parasites Home!" I'd just like to say to this person: your argument is not with us, but with the left-leaning Orange County Register, which publishes TV Register. We here at OC Weekly have argued consistently for the harshest possible penalties to be imposed on Jesse Palmer.

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