Diary Of A Mad County

Sunday, July 4 Happy Independence Day. Buying a pie at a local restaurant, I'm handed a small American flag by the cashier. "Here," he says, glancing at my pie, "you're gonna need this." The pie in question? French silk.

Monday, July 5 Remember when you were a kid, and you and your friends—still high from spinning and Pixie Sticks—used to argue what came after a billion: A trillion, a zillion and then you'd come up with all these ridiculous names like kabillion? Well, that's how much money Spider-Man 2 made this weekend. I only tell you this because this development undoubtedly ends the one-week reign of Edwards University 6 in Irvine as the highest-grossing theater in the 700-some Regal Cinemachain. The Uni 6 is, for my money, the best theater in Orange County—maybe Southern California—but given its predilection for showing artsy/indie/Miramaxy movies . . . um . . . films, it's never been a big earner compared to the Big Boxplexes. But last week, it cleaned up because of a little something called Fahrenheit 9/11. That's great for the theater, but one has to wonder how Regal owner/Bush supporter Phillip Anschutz feels about it. Oh, he's just fine with it.

Tuesday, July 6 This morning, a car bomb explodes in the Iraqi town of Khalis, killing 13 people attending the wake for the victims of a previous attack. Deel with it.

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