Diary of a Mad County

Sunday, June 20 Lost in a haze of child-made wafflesand poorly poured coffee. "Where's the remote! WHERE'S THE REMOTE!?"

Monday, June 21 The first privately funded vehicle to carry a person into space takes off and lands in the Mojave desert. The flight, enthusiasts say, could usher in an age of commercial space travel. Pilot Michael W. Melvill says as much as he waits for his luggage, which, he later finds out, had been mistakenly routed to Nextor 7.

Tuesday, June 22 Remember last week I told you that evangelical billionaire Philip Anschutz, who owns Regal Theaters, was being sued by Mel Gibson for not forking over enough money from his Passion of the Christ? Well, now we know why he needed the money. Box-office numbers show that Gibson's Around the World in 80 Days, which cost about $115 million to make, brought in just under $7 million. Jesus!

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