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(Long Beach) Wellsville craft expertly formed, hooky pop songs, sprinkled with copious amounts of aural history that shows they've been raiding their parents' vinyl collections. "West Coast," for example, has a fittingly twangy surf lilt to it, all innocent and breezy. Unlike some Beach Boys-esque slab o' fantasy, though, this tune's about a girl who's moving to Cali purely to leave her sorry-ass boyfriend behind. So long, sucker! "Endless Mike" finds Wellsville all jingle-jangled-out, like they've unearthed a lost Byrds nugget. "Kill Myself" is, naturally, one of their bubbliest, bounciest tunes. "Almost Blind in One Eye" drones on for six minutes yet maintains an alluring, seductive haunt that keeps it interesting. "Silence Is My Gun"—love these titles!—is a masterful blend of slowly building tension and release. On "Summer Blonde," singer Christian Velky rattles off a list of long-gone memories of ice-cream cones and drinking water from hoses and mowing lawns and riding bikes and bubblegum and baseball cards and, ultimately, that girl he'll never see again: "Summer blonde, you've been gone for so long, ba-ba-ba-ba." Really sweet, make-you-smile-through-the-heartbreak stuff. WHEN YOU CAN SEE THEM NEXT: when things are bettersville. WHERE YOU CAN HEAR THEM: look for their self-titled demo on Suburban Songs—probably at their shows. HOW YOU CAN GET A HOLD OF THEM: (Rich Kane)

The Distraction
Photo by James Bunoan
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