Two Plus Two Is Five

Expert witness says several scenes in rape video prove Jane Doe was enjoying the sex, could do math


Fisk Claim: Doe slid her body toward the defendants, implying she wanted further sex.

Context: While he's pinching her nipples and moving happily to the rap music, Nachreiner repeatedly pokes Doe's vagina with the fat end of a pool cue. Her right leg moves slightly, but it's impossible to tell if the movement is voluntary because Haidl is simultaneously moving the camera. Spann dances to the music. Haidl films Doe's vagina, comes from behind the camera, dances, and slaps her vagina three times as the pool cue goes in and out. One of the defendants asks, "How deep does it get?" Spann and Haidl place their hands on Doe's lower abdomen to feel the depth of the pool cue.


Fisk Claim: Doe rolled over and therefore must have had "sufficient control of her body."

Context: Doe's legs have been spread wide open. Haidl shows another close-up face shot of Doe. She looks knocked-out. Nachreiner is still penetrating Doe with the pool cue. Her left arm lifts weakly and immediately falls off the pool table. Haidl turns her over. Doe is facedown on the pool table. Haidl uses both hands to hold open Doe's buttocks and then shoots a close-up of the penetration as he slaps her buttocks hard. Nachreiner continues to plunge the pool cue into Doe's anus. Her left leg is hanging half off the table. Nachreiner takes the pool cue out of Doe's anus and begins shoving it in and out of Doe's vagina. Doe doesn't move but begins to urinate on herself and the pool table. The defendants start laughing and one yells, "Fuck that!" Doe's body has been shoved so much that she's hanging partly off the pool table. It looks as if Doe might fall to the floor. Filming stops.

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